Clash of Clans hacks are very helpful guides that can help in conquering the game that is Clash of Clans for players of all skill ranges, from amateurs to experts, all of them can find use and purpose from Clash of Clans hacks. Clash of Clans hacks can be extremely, exponentially beneficial especially to newcomers to the game, as they can really use the guides offered by Clash of Clans hacks to really understand the mechanics that are essential to the gameplay. Clash of Clans is a strategy game that takes place in an original medieval fantasy setting filled with barbarians, wizards, and goblins.

The world is very immersed and layered with a very easy on the eyes design that gives it a nice cartoony flair. And the graphics are very crisp, especially for the platform it is played on. Clash of Clans was released on iPhone on August 2nd, 2012 and eventually spread to Android phones, Android tablets, and iPads. The strategy game aspects of this game’s inspirations, that are played mostly on the personal computer and video game consoles, were implemented perfectly for the touch screen of the platforms Clash of Clans was released on, and Clash of Clans hacks just make the mechanics and other parts of the game just feel so much more smooth and easy to play.

Clash of Clans free Gems are a central part of the game, as it is the main currency along with the coins. But unlike the coins, Gems are a separate, premium currency that is used to provide you with goodies and benefits that coins can’t provide you. These Clash of Clans hacks will take a look at Gems and all that you can buy with them. The most often use of gems is obviously as a shortcut to make upgrading your buildings and your troops a whole lot faster than without. But you can also use gems to buy gold, dark elixirs, and elixirs in various quantities.

Another very important purchase that can be made from using gems is shields. Shields are very important in defending your base from raiders, as it protects your village from any raids for a set amount of time depending on the specific price of the shield in gems. But gems can also help your troops by recovering them if they are to be killed in battle, and can also be used to heal them faster.

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