Because of the fact that Hay Day is such a complex game that has such a wide variety of intricacies contained within it, it is important to note how much potential for error there is. There are a lot of people out there that consider themselves very skilled in the games that they are playing, and even they end up making mistakes that result in them losing out on huge earning opportunities as well as the chance to level up and gain access to better equipment and crops.

A Hay Day Hack for Crop Maintenance

One of the biggest mistakes that people tend to make while they are playing Hay Day is that they don’t tend to their crops as much as they need to. Instead, as soon as their crops reach maturity they start to find buyers and then sell the crops off without thinking about any other factors that might be at play. When you have a fresh harvest that is ready, you could choose to sell them but at the same time it is also potentially quite useful for you to just keep the crops with you on the field and maintain them. There are a lot of reasons why you should try your best to maintain your crops rather than sell them off. To start off with, you never know when you are going to need those crops in particular. Just imagine you suddenly get a customer that is willing to pay well above market price simply because of the fact that they are desperate for that particular crop while it is not commonly available in the market. Crops such as wheat and corn are always in demand, but are not always being produced.

Hence, if you sit on your crops for a little while you will find that profits are going to be pretty much guaranteed. There is also the fact that crops yield seeds for your next crop as well. Seeds are some of the most expensive items on the market because of the fact that they would cost diamonds to buy rather than coins. This Hay Day cheats can thus enable you to save up your precious diamonds for a period in time where they would be so much more useful for you overall. When you have a crop yield, try to sell no more than half of the crops. The other half can be kept for a rainy day, or they can be kept for their seeds. This way you would have a stockpile of seeds that are commonly needed for customer requests, and to top it all off this Hay Day hack would save you quite a bit of time as well since you are clearly going to be harvesting far less than would have been the case otherwise. You can use the time you have saved to expand your farm, and the extra profits can go towards this endeavor as well.

A Great Hay Day Hack for Earning More Money

When you are playing Hay Day, one Hay Day hack that you can implement if you want to really make your profits soar as much as possible is that you are going to have to save up on seeds and then sell them to other farmers. You see, when it comes to seeds not everybody is all that smart about how they use them. A lot of people end up using seeds in a pretty haphazard way, and thus they can end up being out of seeds before they know it.

Hence, a Hay Day hack that would enable you to have a regular stockpile of seeds would not just be extremely useful to you in the context of you needing seeds in the future; selling these seeds to other farmers would be extremely profitable as well. Just make sure that you don’t sell off all of your seeds otherwise you might end up in a sticky situation yourself and you won’t be able to buy seeds at a low price either. This Hay Day hack is all about playing the game as smartly as possible

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