This holiday season, all eyes are on Nintendo. Not only is the Nintendo Wii once again expected to be a number one seller, many are looking to Nintendo’s latest version of their portable video game system, the Nintendo DSi. With Nintendo DS Lite and Nintendo’s Gameboy Advance still 2 of the most popular portable video game systems, folks are holding their breath for the US release of the Nintendo DSi. Video game fans are dying to know: will the Nintendo DSi release in the US in time for the holidays?

With a prime holiday release date in Japan of November 1st, 2008, we now have an idea of exactly how much more advanced the Nintendo DSi is. Considered as being a “third platform”, the Nintendo DSi isn’t meant to replace the DS Lite. This makes sense when you consider that the Nintendo DSi will get rid of the GBA slot entirely, making the Nintendo DSi incapable of playing Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance games, a clear disadvantage to some. Though the DSi will be 12% thinner, it will include 2 built in cameras (one with VGA resolution), a built-in music player, an SD card slot and internal storage. At 3.25 inches, the dual screens are also larger on the DSi, with a resolution of 256 x 192.

Another cool feature of the DSi is that photos can be synched to the Wii Photo Channel. The SD slot makes it possible to take pictures with the DSi and upload them to your Wii. The DSi will include a free browser application. Players will be able to visit Nintendo’s “DSi Shop”, to download games and more via wi-fi. Nintendo points will be accepted at the DSi Store. Price categories include free, 200 points, 500 points and 800 points (reserved for premium). DSi players can expect to receive 1000 Nintendo points with their DSi purchase through March of 2010.

The DSi launched in Japan in black and white for about $180. For video game junkies here in the US, don’t expect to see the DSi release anytime soon. Unfortunately, the DSi won’t make it stateside in time for the holidays. Expect to see a US release date in late spring or early summer. Can’t wait that long? Visit where US residents can purchase a DSi for $299.99 plus shipping.

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